7 Steps to Start a Fiat Couples Group in Your Parish

Here are 7 easy steps to start this ministry today!

1. Meet with your pastor to obtain approval.

Even though this group meets in homes, it is a parish-based ministry. It should operate with the knowledge, approval, and support of your pastor. The pastor (and any other parish priests) should be made aware of the schedule and should receive a standing invitation to attend whenever possible. You can share this webpage with him and PRINT THIS FLYER to let him know more about the ministry.

Pastors, please CLICK HERE for further information for your consideration. The pastor information page is written for pastors; however, it may be helpful information for anyone seeking to start this ministry in a parish. It includes ideas for starting, supporting, and maintaining this ministry in a parish.

2. Personally invite four to eight married couples to join your group.

You can share this webpage with couples or print this flyer to let them know more about the ministry. Notify couples of the date of your first gathering and invite couples to bring something for the first potluck meal.

3. Gather supplies.

The host couple will want to make sure they have the following ready for the gathering:

4. Hold your first gathering.

The following are recommended times. You can adjust to meet your group’s specific needs and interests.

  • 7:00pm: Arrival and appetizers
  • 7:30pm: Prayer time (following the Fiat Couples Prayer Guide)
  • 8:30pm: Dinner and fellowship

5. Schedule your next gatherings.

Set dates for at least the next six to twelve months. We recommend Saturday nights (though a group can pick a different evening). We also recommend picking a set week in the month, such as the first Saturday of every month. This helps couples build other commitments around their commitment to this group.

6. Create your calendar and potluck chart.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable template that you can type into to create your calendar. Simply add the names of your couples into the first column and the dates of your meetings into the first row.

7. Register your group by CLICKING HERE.

Registration is not required but is recommended. It’s a way for all groups to be connected through a network and support structure to share stories and effective practices.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Fiat Couples Prayer Guide.

  • Individual Fiat Couples Prayer Guide to preview is $5 (includes shipping and handling).

  • A Starter Pack (of 8 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides) is $25 (includes shipping and handling).

The Starter Pack allows you to have one set of 8 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides that can be passed from home to home for each monthly meeting. The Starter Pack Prayer Guides are discounted to a little less than $3.25 each. This set is all that is needed for a group to start and can be used indefinitely. We do find that once the ministry is established, couples choose to purchase their own set to keep at their home (in case the couple assigned to bringing them cannot make it or forgets to bring them). If couples would each like to purchase their own set, the Full Set below has enough for 8 couples to have their own set. This, however, is not necessary. One set may be passed from home to home indefinitely.

  • A Full Set (of 64 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides) is $175 (includes shipping and handling).

A Full Set allows up to 8 couples to have a set of their own (of 8 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides) to keep at their home. The Full Set Prayer Guides are discounted to a little less than $2.75 each; about $22 per couple (for 8 couples).

Information you can download and print.

Please feel free to print the materials below to share with other couples who may be interested to start the group with you:

We would love to talk with you about this ministry and to answer any questions you may have. Please complete THIS FORM to set up a call to talk with someone about starting this ministry in your diocese or parish.

We are praying for you!

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