Amore Couples Group


This parish-based ministry provides weekly ongoing support and a sense of community for couples. The community establishes a foundation for relationships to strengthen and grow. There are two fundamental aspects to its success: 1) one is the faith-based material provided and reviewed, which serve as education and tools to relate better in daily life; and 2) the second is the learning gained from shared life experiences among the couples. Through consistency, the group provides enrichment for people hungry to live out a true and fulfilling Catholic marriage.


Amore Couples GroupAmore Couples Group is for dating, engaged, or married couples who want to improve their relationship with each other, as well as their children, family, friends and God.

Our purpose is to grow stronger and closer as a couple, through looking at the intricacies of life, in which we can build a healthy, loving relationship; such as faith, communication, emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, forgiveness, finances, romance, in-laws, recreational activities, parenting and many more. By being informed and educating ourselves with the resources the Church as to offer, and simultaneously learning from the experiences of others, we can achieve continual growth individually and in our relationships.

In the process, we develop meaningful friendships, pray for each other, help each other through difficulties and share in each other’s joyful experiences. Through opportunities to socialize, participate in events, attend workshops and retreats together, we become the life-giving couple God intends for us to be.For couples that are not married or would like to be married in the Catholic Church, we provide them with the information and tools necessary towards achieving their goals.

We walk the Way together and in the journey, build each other up.

How to Run Your Group

Download the manual below to find out the 10 easy steps to running an Amore Couples Group in your parish.

Amore Couples Group Manual Amore Couples Group Manual (1159 KB)