Apostles for Marriage

Coming soon! ..but you can still join us now in praying the Angelus daily for the vocation of marriage and sign up to receive information once we formally begin this ministry.

Mission: Create an army (made up of all vocations) of Apostles for Marriage who believe marriage and family life are key to the New Evangelization and who commit to: 1) prayer and 2) service.

Prayer Element:

  1. Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Members will pray the Apostles for Marriage Consecration Novena and enroll as member through the Apostles for Marriage Consecration Prayer.
  2. Pray the Angelus daily for the intention of “Strengthening the Vocation of Marriage.” Individuals may attach additional specific prayer requests, such as for their own marriage; a couple who is struggling in their marriage; a couple preparing for marriage; a marriage program they are running; etc. Our hope is that all Apostles for Marriage will unite spiritually in prayer together at noon; however, if you are not able to pray at noon, members are free to pray the Angelus at another time of their choosing.

Service Element:

  1. There is no specific “service” required; however, Apostle for Marriage are invited to do something, in addition to praying, to strengthen the vocation of marriage (their own marriage or someone else’s).
  2. Examples:
  3. Help prepare a couple for marriage.
  4. Start a Fiat Couples Group in your parish.
  5. Assist in a marriage preparation program, enrichment program, parenting program, etc.
  6. If clergy, preach on marriage, NFP, parenting, etc.
  7. If married, do something to strengthen your own marriage (ex: Date night, attend a marriage retreat, read a marriage enrichment book, etc.).
  8. Babysit for friends so they can go on a date.
  9. Teach NFP.
  10. Encourage others to become Apostles for Marriage.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Membership in a spiritual community united in: 1) Catholic beliefs, 2) daily prayer at noon, and 3) action to strengthen the vocation of marriage.
  2. Access to monthly newsletters and podcasts (not available to the general public).
  3. Access to all of Annunciation Ministries’ electronic resources and materials.
  4. Invitation to attend an annual retreat run by Annunciation Ministries for Apostles for Marriage.

For more information or to be notified once this ministry is active, please join our newsletter.