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Parish Marriage Missionaries Formation Weekend

April 27, 2018 6:53 am
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We were thrilled to spend the weekend with many faith-filled couples at the beautiful retreat center, Our Lady of Florida, in North Palm Beach, FL.

It was a weekend aimed to form parish leaders to “evangelize through marriage.” Thanks and glory to God it was an amazing weekend, filled with many graces and a lot of inspiration and joy!

We ran our first weekend in August 2017 and worked hard to update and prepare for this second weekend.

We pray that the couples who attended will continue to grow in their faith and marriage for the greater glory of God. We pray as well that the parishes that sent these couples will be blessed, not only from any ministry that these couples do, by also by the couple’s continued faithful witnesses of sacramental marriage.

If you love God, love your spouse and want to help others do those as well, this weekend is for you. Stay tuned for dates of future programs!

We leave you with a few quotes from some of those who attended:

For married couples:

  • “A phenomenal way to get tools to grow in closeness with each other, with God, and learn ways to serve and build others to the glory of God.”
  • “If you feel called to enrich your own marriage for the purpose of enriching the marriages of others, then this program will equip you to serve especially at the parish level.”
  • “If you are committed to marriage and want others around you to have better marriages, this is for you.”
  • “If [you] share [our] concern about the state of married couples in today’s world and wish [you] knew how to help them, then this weekend will fully equip [you] to do that and plug [you] into an incredible network of support!”

For priests:

  • “If a pastor wants to help form well-equipped and inspired couples to help marriages and families in your parish, then identify, inspire, and send strong, faith-filled couples. You’re only helping yourself!”
  • “Marriages are under attack, families are being destroyed by it. We need to build a battle front against the devil in every parish to defend them. [This weekend] trains them, just send them.”
  • “The Church flourishes when ministries do the work.”
  • Pastors should sponsor couples “because it builds community and ‘puts more [people] in pews.'”
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