Fiat Couples Group Member Comments

We just started collecting comments from members. If you are a member of a group and would like to share an endorsement, we would love to add it to this page! Please contact us via our contact information at the bottom of this page.

“My favorite Saturday nights are sharing faith, food, and love with our Fiat Couple’s group. We have become like family, helping each other on this journey, supporting each others’ marriages, and growing deeper in our faith…together!”  – Dana
“What I love about the Fiat Couples Group is that: Besides attending Mass, the Fiat Couple’s Group offers us an opportunity to worship and grow our faith together as a couple. Unlike many ministries which are gender based, our Fiat Couples Group is designed to unify and strengthen our marriage and allows for fellowship with other Catholics.”  –  Lemay
“What better way to spend an evening than to pray, give thanks, discuss the Gospel, and enjoy a great meal with like-minded Catholic couples! We bond, we grow and we laugh a lot as well! That’s community and we love it!”  –  Liz & Adolfo
“My wife Laura and I look so forward to sharing a Saturday night with our friends in Christ. The opportunity to break bread together and share our collective thoughts on the Sunday gospel is so powerful. It has created a powerful bond with this group and also strengthened our marriage and faith.”  –  Alex & Laura