Fiat Couples Group

Start a Fiat Couples Group in your parish today! 


start a fiat couples group in your parish

  • Parish-based

  • Small-group community for married couples

  • Simple to start and maintain!

  • 4-8 married couples; open invitation to parish priests

  • Rotate homes

  • Spanish and English

WHO: Four to eight married couples. Parish priests are invited to join the group whenever possible.

WHAT: Couples meet monthly on Saturday nights (rotating at members homes) for faith-sharing and dinner.

WHEN: Saturday night, once a month. Groups may opt for another time though Saturday nights seem to work best. Regularly scheduled meetings, such as the first Saturday of every month, are also recommended so couples can build their schedules around this group.

WHERE: Couples homes, rotating monthly.

WHY: For faith-sharing and dinner.

FAITH-SHARING: The prayer time is usually an hour to an hour and half and it consists of reading and reflecting on the Sunday Gospel, sharing prayer thanks and offering prayer requests. The Fiat Couples Prayer Guide (available in English and Spanish) contains the format and content of the prayer. The themes of the prayer include “natural marriage;” “sacramental marriage;” and “missionary marriage.”

DINNER: The evening concludes with a potluck dinner. The host provides the main course. All other couples bring accompanying dishes. A template for the schedule and potluck (that can be adjusted for your size group) is available for download below.

HOW: This is a remarkably easy ministry to start and maintain and has far-reaching benefits for those involved and the parish itself. 7 STEPS to starting the ministry is available for download below. This low-maintenance, high-reward ministry can be an instrument of the new evangelization in your parish!

The name Fiat Couples Group comes from Mary’s Fiat–her “yes” to God’s will that changed everything–God became man and dwelt among us. Likewise, as married couples, we say “yes” to God’s will and as Christians, recognize that Christ dwells in our marriage and radiates through our marriage and family life (see CCC 1617 and 1642).

How to Run Your Group

Download the manual below to learn the 7 Steps to Run a Monthly Fiat Couples Group in Your Parish:

7 Steps to Run a Fiat Couples Group Manual (English) 7 Steps to Run a Fiat Couples Group Manual (English) (2607 KB)

Fiat Couples Group Calendar Template - English and Spanish Fiat Couples Group Calendar Template – English and Spanish (12 KB)

7 Pasos Grupo de Parejas Fiat 7 Pasos Grupo de Parejas Fiat (3843 KB)