Fiat Couples Groups

Start a Fiat Couples Group in your parish today! Simple to start and maintain!

  • Monthly small-group community for married couples

  • Parish-based; meetings in members homes

  • Four to eight married couples; open invitation to parish priests

  • English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole Prayer Guides available. Información en español.

  • Low-cost ($25 for a set of 8 Fiat Couple’s Prayer Guides)

WHO: Four to eight married couples. Parish priests are invited to join the group whenever possible.

WHAT: Couples meet monthly (rotating at members homes) for faith-sharing and dinner.

WHEN: Saturday night, once a month. Groups may choose to meet another time though Saturday nights seem to work best (as do regularly scheduled meetings, such as the first Saturday of every month).

WHERE: Couples homes, rotating monthly (though some groups do meet at the parish).

WHY: For faith-sharing and dinner. See below for more on these elements.

HOW: It’s simple to start and maintain. See below for the link to the simple “7 Steps to Start a Fiat Couples Group.”

FAITH-SHARING: The prayer time is usually an hour to an hour and half and it consists of written prayers (in the Prayer Guide), reading and reflecting on the Sunday Gospel – lectio divina (not all have to comment, only those who would like to), sharing prayer thanks, and offering prayer requests.

The Fiat Couples Prayer Guide (available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole) contains the format and content of the prayer. The themes of the written prayers (for the opening, closing, and interspersed between the lectio divina and prayer portions) include natural marriage; sacramental marriage; and missionary marriage. The Prayer Guides, including a sample to review, can be purchased through our SHOP.

DINNER: The evening concludes with a potluck dinner. The host provides the main course. All other couples bring accompanying dishes. The dinner time is a relaxed, fun time of fellowship.

Together, the prayer time and potluck dinner build intimacy between spouses and community between couples. We often hear testimonies from couples that this is the first time they have heard their spouse reflect on Scripture or offer prayer thanks or requests in a setting like this. We also often hear that couples look forward to it all month, knowing it will be a great night out — enriching, edifying, inspiring, and fun!

Start a group today! You will be glad you do and so will the couples you invite!

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CLICK HERE for the simple 7 Steps to Start a Fiat Couples Group

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CLICK HERE to purchase the Fiat Couples Prayer Guide.

  • Individual Fiat Couples Prayer Guide to preview is $5 (includes shipping and handling).

  • A Starter Pack (of 8 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides) is $25 (includes shipping and handling).

The Starter Pack allows you to have one set of 8 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides that can be passed from home to home for each monthly meeting. The Starter Pack Prayer Guides are discounted to a little less than $3.25 each. This set is all that is needed for a group to start and can be used indefinitely. We do find that once the ministry is established, couples choose to purchase their own set to keep at their home (in case the couple assigned to bringing them cannot make it or forgets to bring them). If couples would each like to purchase their own set, the Full Set below has enough for 8 couples to have their own set. This, however, is not necessary. One set may be passed from home to home indefinitely.

  • A Full Set (of 64 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides) is $175 (includes shipping and handling).

A Full Set allows up to 8 couples to have a set of their own (of 8 Fiat Couples Prayer Guides) to keep at their home. The Full Set Prayer Guides are discounted to a little less than $2.75 each; about $22 per couple (for 8 couples).

Please feel free to print the materials below to share with other couples who may be interested to start the group with you (or send them a link to this website):

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We are praying for you!

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