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St. Gregory Parish FIRST Fiat Group Gathering

June 26, 2018 11:31 pm

We were thrilled to learn that Sandra, Sergio, Lucien and Rigoberto (two Parish Marriage Missionary couples) ran their first Fiat Couple’s Group at their parish, St. Gregory Parish.

Sandra and Sergio attended our first Parish Marriage Missionaries Level 1 Formation Weekend in August 2017 and then helped present on our second weekend. They are an inspiring couple who started a couples ministry at their parish after they attended the weekend. They then helped us run the second weekend and shared what they did and how they did it!

They also recruited Lucien and Rigoberto to help them with the couples group and we were thrilled that they could attend the second weekend in April 2018.

Together, the four of them ran their first Fiat Couples Group at the parish on June 31st. They emailed to share the good news and graciously consented to allow us to post their pictures and their email to share with others through this blog! Please pray for them and their great faith-filled work at St. Gregory’s, and the couples ministry there!

Good morning Kari & Stephen,

Hope you are having a blessed Wednesday! I just wanted to share with you some memories of the first FIAT in our Parish. It was a beautiful experience. A really blessed moment for all the couples that attended the event.
Thank you so much for all the help and great work you are doing in the Anunciation Ministries. Your ministry brings us a lot of help, guidance and inspiration.
Many blessings to you,
Sergio & Sandra
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