Marital Spirituality

At Annunciation Ministries, we believe Christian married couples are called to reveal the Triune life and love of God to the world, in and through their marriage, daily family activities, and any ministries they may serve in.

We believe in two main principles:

  1. Doing flows from being.
  2. Inspirations should not conflict with, but should assist or complement, our duties to our state in life as married persons.

First, doing flows from being. Who we are as married persons, our marriage bond, and our relationship as husband and wife is our being from which our doing flows. We are indeed called to give of ourselves; however, we cannot give what we do not have. Our individual interior life and marital relationship naturally overflows to others (most immediately any children we may have, next our extended family, and then beyond). We should be nurturing our interior lives and marriage bond from which our doing flows.

Second, as married disciples of Christ, our inspirations to serve the Lord should not conflict with, but should assist or complement, our duties to our state in life. As married persons we have duties for which we are responsible (physical, emotional, spiritual care of ourselves and children). Any inspirations we may have should assist these duties, not conflict with them, and overflow from them. By way of easy analogy, consider the ministry of a pastor. Pastors are assigned by their bishop to provide pastoral care for a parish. The pastor may be inspired to start a school for orphans in another country; however, this inspiration would likely conflict with his duties as pastor. On the other hand, he may be inspired to begin a new small-group faith-sharing ministry which would assist his duties. Likewise, married couples inspirations should not conflict with, but should assist or flow from, our duties to our state in life.

To assist couples in their personal appropriation of these principles of marital spirituality, Annunciation Ministries offers the following:

  1. Formation for Married Couple Leaders (Parish Marriage Missionaries)Multiple day; Weekend; Level 1; Level 2
  2. Retreats for Married Couples: One-day; Weekend; Silent; Directed; etc.
  3. Check out Our Blog and Recent Events and search by the tags Formation for Married Couples, Parish Marriage Missionaries, or Marital Spirituality for examples of our services.

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