Marriage Resources and Links

Provided below are some marriage related resources that you may find helpful. Please note that not all of the resources listed are Catholic and please read our disclaimer. There are many more resources than those listed here that may fit your needs which we may recommend in consultation; however, this is a starting list for your reference.

If you know of a program or resource that you would like us to know about, please contact us via our consultation information survey. We always like to learn of new resources!

Important Disclaimer:

We provide links to other organizations, programs, and resources desiring, in good faith, to share information that may be helpful to you. Organizations, non-profits, and individuals can and do change their mission, services, resources, and websites. We are not responsible for, nor do we fully endorse all policies, views, products, or services of the resources listed below. Please consider this as you review these resources. Each parish, pastor, and person utilizing any resource is encouraged to make his/her own investigation prior to utilizing any service, program, or resource. Any decision to use materials, services, or referrals from these resources is the sole responsibility of the user.

General Marriage Resources

Marriage Preparation

Marriage/Family Enrichment/Education/Formation

Support for Troubled Marriages

Natural Family Planning

Infertility Resources

For Adult Children of Divorce

Resources Related to Pornography Addiction

Addiction Resources