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Spiritual Direction for Retreats

April 28, 2019 12:36 pm

I had the privilege to serve as a Spiritual Director at the beautiful Broomtree Retreat Center in Irene, South Dakota, for the University of Mary’s President’s Council and Staff.

This was my first interaction with the University of Mary and I was very impressed. If anyone is looking for a Catholic University, this university’s leadership seems strong, faith-filled, and passionate about offering a thoroughly Catholic education.

The retreat facilities were beautiful and very conducive to quiet contemplation. Nearly all of the altars, including the one in the old prairie Church pictured, carried the same message: “In the silence, God speaks.” Perhaps this beautiful inspiring message could only be improved upon by saying, “God is always speaking. In the silence, we listen.”

(Yes, the cover picture is real. I took it myself.) The rolling hills, chorus of mooing cows at the farm next door, nearby bubbling brook, and many beautiful chapels make this a setting like no other.