Online Date Nights

We are happy to announce three FREE online Date Nights that we are offering in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Miami!

Through the generous support of the ABCD campaign, these Date nights are being offered free of charge! To donate, please visit:


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Where Are We Going?

Understanding the Big Picture & the Stages of Marriage to Navigate the Pandemic With Greater Peace, Intimacy, and Unity

Thursday, June 4: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

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Description: Covid-19 has many of us feeling like our lives, marriages, and home life are constantly tossing and turning with the influx of new information, precautions, changes, etc. Join us to reflect on the “big picture” of life and to learn typical stages in marriage in order to gain greater peace as you navigate these uncertain times together. Sometimes a little perspective can go a long way! And, the metaphor utilized in the presentation will likely stay with you long after this pandemic to help you journey together in life as a team toward greater peace, intimacy, and unity. Get dressed up or put on your pjs, tuck the kids into bed early or put on a movie for them, grab some cheese and crackers, a glass of wine, and enjoy a date night cuddled up on your couch together in the comfort of your home!


Say What?

Practical Concrete Communication Skills to G.R.O.W. in Greater Peace, Intimacy, & Unity During a Pandemic

Thursday, June 25: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

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Description: Every couple is dealing with Covid-19 and its impact in their lives. The ever new and emerging information and adaptations are sure to provide all of us with ample content for conflict. Researchers say, however, that it is not whatcouples argue about, but how they handle their differences that is important. Join us to learn practical concrete communication skills that will help you understand each other better, work together to resolve issues, and grow in intimacy and unity during these unprecedented times. The skills are easily adaptable for use with children, other family members, and at work. Previous participants in our workshops frequently comment how simple, practical, and effective the skills are and how they wish they had learned them earlier in their marriage so they could have avoided a lot of conflict and heartache. Now is the perfect time to learn these practical, concrete, and helpful communication skills from the comfort of your own home!


Why Do You Do That?

Understanding Temperament Theory as a Tool for Greater Peace, Intimacy, & Unity in a Pandemic

Thursday, July 16: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

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Description: Is one of you busy learning how to can foods while the other is hanging out on the hammock relaxing? Is one of you getting more and more anxious as time goes by and the other able to accept the “new normal” more easily? Even before this pandemic, have you wondered why your spouse feels, thinks, acts, and reacts in ways that you just don’t understand? Join us as we look at the forgotten classical, but recently rediscovered, understanding of the temperaments (that’s been around since Hippocrates)–all through the lens and perspective of our Catholic faith. As we continue to face an uncertain future, we can use this information to help us appreciate our differences and for personal growth in virtue and holiness. It will also help you understand your children, extended family members, even colleagues and friends better. And, we will probably have a few good laughs in the process!