Our Logo

Annunciation Ministries logo meaning

  • BLUE RINGHusband
  • PURPLE RING = Wife
  • GREY RING = Fruitfulness, children
  • CROSS = Christ
  • DOVE (Descending in the cross) = Holy Spirit 
  • GOLD RAY = Jesus’s love radiating outward

THREE RINGS: God created the natural institution of marriage at the beginning of time as a partnership of the whole of life between a MAN and a WOMAN for their well- being and for having and raising CHILDREN. All marriages are meant to be FRUITFUL—to overflow in unique ways.

CROSS: At the appointed time, God became flesh in Jesus Christ to reveal His love for us and to restore the original order of creation disturbed by sin. Jesus raised marriage between a baptized man and baptized woman to the dignity of a Sacrament making it a sign of His love and a means of His grace. By virtue of their mutual baptisms, CHRIST DWELLS WITH Christian couples and IS THE CENTER OF their marriage giving them strength and grace to live the vocation of marriage.

DOVE & RAY: All Sacramental marriages are Sacraments at the Service of Communion. THE HOLY SPIRIT ANIMATES AND ENLIVENS Christian couples inspiring and equipping them to serve others and reveal God’s love uniquely.

Married Christians, therefore, “evangelize through marriage.”

That is, Christian married couples reveal the love and life of God 
through their intimate community of love and life.