Parish-Based Marriage Enrichment Services

If you currently work for a diocese or in a parish and do not have parish-based marriage enrichment opportunities to offer couples, now is the time to begin to promote, establish, and support parish-based ministries, programs, and resources!

There are many excellent resources for marriage enrichment. Some are new and some have been around awhile. Some are on-going and some are for a limited number of meetings. Most, sadly, are offered outside of the parish but this does not have to be the case. Now is the time for parishes to offer ministries, programs, and resources for couples.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. We are happy to provide recommendations based upon our familiarity with various programs and resources. Click here to sign-up for a free conference call.

Our Services:

1. General consultation for the establishment or revitalization of marriage enrichment ministries in your diocese or parish.

2. Parish-based marriage ministries developed by Annunciation Ministries:

3. Workshops/retreats for parishioners developed by Annunciation Ministries:

  1. Three to Thrive: The Adventure of the Vocation of Sacramental Marriage
  2. The Stages of Faith and Marriage: Journeying in Unity and Intimacy
  3. Know Oneself: Understanding Temperament Theory as a Tool for Intimacy
  4. Two to Tango: Practical, Concrete Communication Skills to G.R.O.W. in Intimacy
  5. Perspective, Knowledge, and Communication Skills for a Successful Marriage

4. Consultation and referrals to other parish-based marriage enrichment options that may work for you.

Important Disclaimer: We provide links to other organizations, programs, and resources desiring, in good faith, to share information that may be helpful to you. Organizations, non-profits, and individuals can and do change their mission, services, resources, and websites. We are not responsible for, nor do we fully endorse all policies, views, products, or services of the resources listed below. Please consider this as you review these resources. Each parish, pastor, and person utilizing any resource is encouraged to make his/her own investigation prior to utilizing any service, program, or resource. Any decision to use materials, services, or referrals from these resources is the sole responsibility of the user.

  1. A Marriage Made For Heaven
  2. The Alexander House: Covenant of Love Ministry
  3. The Foundational Intimacy: Eucharist as the Model for Marriage 
  4. SIX DATES for Catholic Couples
  5. An Introduction to the Theology of the Body