Parish Marriage Missionaries – Level 1 Formation Weekend

Do you…

  • Love God?
  • Love your spouse?
  • Want to evangelize through marriage?

If so, join our Parish Marriage Missionaries community by attending one of our upcoming Parish Marriage Missionaries Level 1 Formation Weekends! This weekend is formation for you as a married couple. You will not be asked or required to “do” anything specific in ministry after the weekend. It is less about “doing” things and more about “being” who God made you to be…a faith-filled married couple who radiates love to the world. For information on what a Parish Marriage Missionary is, please click here.

The content for the weekend is inspired by:

  • A Fiat Spirituality. Parish Marriage Missionaries seek to be open to God’s will for their lives, marriage, family, and ministry.
  • The Soul of the Apostolate by Fr. Chautard, OSCO. Fr. Chautard proposes that our interior life (our relationship with God) is the foundation of ministry and that any ministry we do should also focus on developing the interior lives of others. We will apply these principles to marriage and family ministry, focusing on the development of our interior lives and our marriage relationship as the foundation of effective marriage ministry.
  • “Being” who God made us to be–as married persons. “Doing” things for God flows from “being” who God wants us to be.
  • “Duties” vs. “inspirations.” Our inspirations to “do more” for God should never conflict with our duties to our vocation and state in life.

The Parish Marriage Missionaries Level 1 Formation Weekend includes:

  1. Human Formation: Stages of intimacy in marriage; self-awareness; communication skills; etc.
  2. Spiritual Formation: Stages of spiritual growth; marital spirituality; tools for developing and living a Plan of life for individual, marital and a missionary spirituality.
  3. Intellectual Formation: Education in the faith; Church teaching; relevant sociological and psychological formation.
  4. Pastoral Formation: Practical ministry formation such as:
  • What a Parish Marriage Missionary “is” and “is not.”
  • How to develop a plan for marriage ministry with your pastor.
  • How to run a monthly Fiat Couples Group in your parish.
  • How to run a weekly Amore Couples Group in your parish.
  • Options for parish-based marriage ministry.

Parish Sponsorship:

We prefer that pastors sponsor couples to attend (that is the pastor pays the fee). The reasons for this are multiple. We are providing formation for Parish Marriage Missionaries (PMMs). PMMs offer their assistance to their pastor. Everything a PMM does at a parish has to be approved by, and under the direction of, the pastor. Every PMM has to have an established relationship with their pastor.

We want sponsoring pastors to feel they have invested in a PMM’s formation and marriage ministry at their parish. If parishes cannot financially support a couple’s attendance, the couple may pay themselves; however, the pastor must still give his approval for the couple to attend.

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