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Know Oneself: Understanding Temperament Theory as a Tool for Intimacy and Unity (English or Spanish)

July 20, 2018 2:06 pm


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Length: 1 hour

Description: Why do you do that??? Have you ever wondered why your spouse feels, thinks, acts and reacts in ways that you just don’t understand? For example, does one of you think a “day off” means doing something active and for the other it means a day of rest? Does one of you respond quickly with great emotion to things and the other respond slowly with increasing emotion over time? Join us as we look at the forgotten classical, but recently rediscovered, understanding of the temperaments–all through the lens and perspective of our Catholic faith. As Catholics, we can use this information for growth in virtue and holiness as individuals and as a couple. And, have a few good laughs in the process!

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English, Spanish