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Three to Thrive: The Adventure of the Vocation of Sacramental Marriage

July 20, 2018 2:12 pm


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Length: 2.5 hours

Description: Calling all married couples! When is the last time you did something just to invest in your marriage? Learned something new about marriage that helped you practically? Join us to better understand: 1) the typical stages of faith and marriage; 2) the vocation of marriage, both as a natural and sacramental institution; and 3) concrete practical communication skills to navigate the stages well and to thrive in marriage, for your peace and happiness and the greater glory of God. We want you to leave confirmed in your vocation, inspired to live it even better, and equipped with practical tools to grow in intimacy and unity through the typical stages of marriage. God wants you to have a happy, thriving, satisfying marriage in the midst of the challenges, struggles and trials that marriage will inevitably bring. Your marriage is vitally important—to you, to your family, to our Church and to our society. Invest in it for all of those reasons. Why not? Make it a date!

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