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San Isidro Transformed in Love Program

June 8, 2019 7:57 pm

San Isidro ran its first Transformed in Love program and it was a grace-filled, inspiring program!

The team, headed up by Elsie and Carlos and under Fr. Wilfredo Contreras’s supervision, worked very hard to prepare and translate the slides and activities into Spanish so that they could run Transformed in Love at their parish.

This large, faith-filled, dedicated team of volunteers worked very hard for months to prepare for this amazing program. Each of the presenters did an excellent job and it was obvious that the engaged couples loved the program and were very grateful for the wonderful formation and things they learned over the two days.

Please pray for this new site and for this amazingly dedicated team who has given so much of their time, talents, and treasure, but most especially of themselves, to this ministry.

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