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San Isidro Transformed in Love Preparation

February 24, 2019 7:54 pm

San Isidro Mission observed the Transformed in Love marriage preparation program that the Archdiocese of Miami is implementing in its parishes. They liked the program so much that they translated the program into Spanish for their community.

An amazing team of volunteers, headed up by Elsie and Carlos and under the supervision of the pastor, Fr. Wilfredo Contreras, did a huge amount of work to translate all of the slides and activities into Spanish for their first program! The engaged couples all received the english workbook, but were able to participate in the key activities in Spanish.

We met with the San Isidro community on February 23rd for a practice session for their upcoming June 8 and 15 program. They did amazing!  The team is so faith-filled and have done so much work to translate, prepare, and practice!

It was a huge grace and gift to be with them, to see them in action, to sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in their presentations.

Please pray for this amazing group of volunteers and most especially Elsie and Carlos who have done an excellent job spearheading this effort, with grace, faith, and hard dedicated work!

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