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St. Mark Transformed in Love

January 26, 2019 7:37 pm

After helping to train St. Mark’s Marriage Preparation Team, the team ran their first program on their own January 26 and 27. They have an amazingly dedicated and faithful (and large) team of volunteers! It is exciting to see how many faith-filled couples are willing to serve the Lord and His Church by helping in this ministry.

Special thanks go to the pastor, Fr. Jimmy Acevedo (for his leadership and support and for offering the teaching mass) and parochial vicar, Fr. Paul Karenga (who presented one of the topics).

Additional thanks go to the new MC’s, Lemay and Dana, and all of the presenters who did an amazing job! Thanks and glory to God it was a faith-filled, inspiring program.

Join me in thanking God for this amazing group of volunteers and the generous faithful work they do for Christ and His Church. Please also pray for the many engaged couples who attended that they may continue to grow closer to one another and Christ and His Church.

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