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Successful Online Date Nights

September 1, 2020 1:55 pm

We were thrilled to offer three FREE online Date Nights for couples earlier in the pandemic:

June 5: “Where Are We Going? Understanding the Big Picture & the Stages of Marriage to Navigate the Pandemic with Greater Peace, Intimacy, & Unity”

June 25: “Say What? Practical, Concrete Communication Skills to G.R.O.W. in Greater Peace, Intimacy, & Unity During a Pandemic”

July 16: “Why Do You Do That?! Understanding Temperament Theory as a Tool for Greater Peace, Intimacy, & Unity During a Pandemic”

We had over 300 registrants total. Most of these registrations were from couples, though not all.

We asked participants to complete a short evaluation and were happy to hear the workshops were well received. We are awaiting the survey results from the first workshop, but here is the feedback from the last two:

  • 85% said they would highly recommend the workshop to others

  • 93% said they thought the material would help their marriage

  • 99% said we should offer the workshop again for other couples

What did you find helpful?

Here are some of the responses:

Workshop on Communication Skills:

  • Everything
  • The GROW skill
  • All of it; especially Pope Francis quotes and the examples!
  • Practical tips and seeing the examples
  • The physical tool was helpful for communicating effectively. This was really great and helpful.
  • Your example was excellent, also pointing out that the tool can be used outside of the context of a conflict between husband and wife.
  • Our chance to try out the skill was the most helpful
  • The reflection on using the tool to focus on a positive helped us to see that we had a common positive & that we both felt positive during this pandemic but we never expressed it to each other.

Workshop on Temperaments:

  • Knowledge on temperaments. Vices and virtues attributed to each.
  • Not just understanding yours and your spouse’s temperaments but what the weaknesses, virtues to work on and patron saints
  • Finding your temperament and how u can improve and who is your patron saint:)
  • Knowing what temperament we are and how they apply to our family and other relationships
  • Understanding that differences are the strength of the relationships.
  • The temperament examples & the video sample at the end!
  • Two people personally relating. Excellent. Could not be presented better.
  • The emphasis on awareness and being the best person I am created to be
  • Color coding ! “Tables”, .visuals today were great. Examples of temperaments. Video.
  • Everything
  • The examples and reflection questions
  • Self analysis. Acceptance of other temperaments.
  • Valuable to all facets of life.
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