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San Isidro Transformed in Love Program

San Isidro ran its first Transformed in Love program and it was a grace-filled, inspiring program! The team, headed up by Elsie and Carlos and under Fr. Wilfredo Contreras’s supervision, worked very hard to prepare and translate the slides and

St. Mark’s FIRST parish run Transformed in Love Program

St. Mark’s Parish, Southwest Ranches, Florida (our home parish) ran Transformed in Love Marriage Preparation Program for the first time with a parish team! Mike and Yolanda, a couple who attended our Parish Marriage Missionaries Formation Weekened, did an amazing

Transformed in Love for the Archdiocese of Miami

There was such a large interest from engaged couples that the Archdiocese of Miami had to add another Transformed in Love program to it’s schedule. We are very grateful to all of the couples and Fr. Govin who generously jumped

Parish Mission Presentation in Minnesota

We were honored to be invited by Fr. Tom Knoblach to present the first night of their Cluster Parish Mission, “The Gift That is Our Family” October 22-24, 2017 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The mission’s goal was to present encouragement

September Transformed in Love

Congratulations to the 32 engaged couples who completed a “hurricane adjusted” Transformed in Love program! The program was supposed to meet two consecutive Saturdays but Hurricane Irma forced us to adjust to one long Saturday (9am – 9pm). This is