Why attend the River of Life Retreat?

Life is a curious thing.

Like a river moving from the mountaintop to a reservoir, it takes twists and turns (good and bad).

  • The good: A beautiful sunrise. A new baby. A dream job. An exciting move. Accomplishing a goal. Growing closer to God. A moment (or more) of peace and joy.
  • The bad: A flat tire. A layoff. A hurricane. An addiction. An affair. A child’s rejection of the faith. Covid. Cancer.

The Christian faith holds that all of these things (good and bad) are part of God’s loving will (either His active or permissive will) and that they can perfect us in love (our ultimate end and true flourishing).

That is, the twists and turns, good and bad, joys and sorrows of life all can help us become more fully who God created us to be (now and forever).

Do you know this to be true personally? Have you experienced this in your own life? Yes or no…

River of Life: Surrendering to Love is a guided silent retreat that will give you the space, time, and prompts to prayerfully, privately, and personally…

  1. Be reminded of—or consider anew—God’s abundant love for you and all people.
  2. Gain a greater appreciation for the ways in which God has used—and can use—all things (both good and bad experiences) for our good and the good of those we love.
  3. Experience greater peace with how your life has unfolded and is unfolding with its twists and turns, joys and sorrows, good times and bad times.
  4. Increase trust in God and willingness to surrender to the ways in which you are uniquely being perfected by love.
  5. Increase hope in the life of the world to come where no eye has seen, nor ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love Him.
  6. Consider the ways in which God is uniquely calling you to share His love with others most especially through your daily duties and responsibilities.
  7. Experience greater peace in everyday life even amid difficult and adverse situations and circumstances.


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