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Writing Project

April 12, 2019 12:59 pm

Once again, I had the privilege to spend a week at the beautiful Campion Center in Weston, Massachusetts to work on a writing project.

This building was designed by the same architect who designed the National Basilica. One can see the similarities in the Romanesque style and massively sized structure.

One of the very best parts of staying at the Campion Center is that it is also home to many retired Jesuits (in the Health & Wellness wing). When on retreat there, daily mass and meals are shared with the community. Seeing older men, shuffling or wheeled about, is part of the experience of staying there. I am always impressed with these retired Jesuits. One ought not, however, to be deceived by their outward appearances. They are more akin to the Ents in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, than their physical ages give evidence of. The Ents, the giant talking trees, when roused out of their seeming slumber, were the key to the destruction of the evil forces, so much so that when fully engaged in battle their voices alone were sufficient to wield destruction. These retired members of the Society, seemingly frail and fragile, have giant souls—much like the giant, beautiful, glorious building within which they reside. It was a grace to be there and a fruitful setting in which to work.